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50mm f/2 full frame



1:1.4 / 35 & 28mm ASPH.



Cutting-Edge Optics, Exquisite Details

The Simera series incorporates extra-low dispersion(ED) glasses, high refractive index (HRI)glasses and aspherical elements, meticulously correcting curvature of field and spherical aberrations, resulting in unparalleled image quality.

Exceptional Mobility with Timeless Elegance

Simera's sleek design harmonizes with the aesthetics of Rangefindercameras. The vintage-inspired aluminum alloy exterior, evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Automatic Depth-of-Field Indicator

With a minimum focusing distance of 40cm for the 28mm lens and 45cm for the 35mm lens, Simera allows users to explore the intricacies of the subjects with extraordinary details.

Focused Intuition, Reliable Precision

This iconic design enables photographers to easily utilize hyperfocal in street and landscape photography when making artistic decisions.


Crafted with Finesse

Each Thypoch Simera lens comes with a retro-inspired square lens hood, meticulously anodized for durability and scratch resistance, ensuring both style and functionality. The threaded interior of the hood maintains image sharpness even in direct light, faithfully capturing pure and vivid details.

Wang Tianxing

When i took a break from film shooting, i went to Tokyo for vocation with my families and this Simera 35mm lens. I was impressed by the great 0.7m resistance feeling, declicked aperture mode, good volume and depth of field indicater design. The focus ring resistance is no less and no more, making it easy to focus accurately, and the center sharpness is good when fully open. A fantastic lens for shooting in Tokyo.

Cinematographer CNSC (《Kaili Blues》,《No more bets》 )

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